Another thing I had a look at are DCF77 modules from AliExpress. The DCF77 is a 77.5 kHz time signal transmitted from Mainflingen in Germany. At 60 kHz, the MSF time signal is transmitted at 60 kHz from Cumbria in the UK. This signal should also be receivable in the Netherlands. There are no modules marketed for MSF at AliExpress, but there are modules for 60 kHz targetted at the WWVB (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA). WWVB uses an amplitude shift keying and MSF uses on-off-keying. On-off-keying can be interpreted as the most extreme case of amplitude shift keying, so I’d think the 60 kHz module might be able to pick up the British signal as well.

These signals are suspensible to interference. On my work bench, I got 5 volt (usb charger), 12 volt (light, fume fan) and 24 volt (soldering iron) power supplies. These are switching power supplies. With these running, I wasn’t able to pick a time signal up. When these were turned off, I did receive the DCF77 signal. I am getting the expected pulses on my scope. However, I haven’t been able to pick up the MSF signal. Is the signal incompatible after all? Or is this module faulty? I’m not sure yet.