As you see, there is something on this website now. Basically just the theme and the menu, but I’ve been busy. I’ve been reading datasheets and technical reference manuals. SO, guess what I’ve been doing? I’ve been working on implementing PSoC4 support into libopencm3. Why? The PSoC4 is a nice microcontroller (and cheap, the manufacturer sells protoype boards for like US$4).
It comes with an IDE, “PSoC Creator”. Using this program, one can easily configure the microcontroller. Select what peripherals one wants to use, and how to connect them.

However, this PSoC Creator is the only way to write code for this microcontroller. The manufacturer does not provide a peripheral library or header files with its microcontroller, other then the code and header files automatically generated by PSoC Creator. Once the code has been created, it can be used in any IDE. But one needs to run PSoC Creator first. And this program requires Microsoft Windows. It doesn’t run under Wine.

So, I’ve started writing my own implementation for their peripherals to be used with the libopencm3 library. First step, GPIO, create a blinky program, has succeeded.

Have a peek at the work in progress at github

Furthermore, I’ve been writing some glue to stick nrfx into libopencm3, see this branch