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RISC-V ‘clones’ of the STM32F103 (part 5)

Months ago, when I was looking at LCSC, and spotted the CH32V203 in the listing, cheaper then the CH32V103. A higher number implies a better product, right? And when it’s even cheaper. So, I ordered a few, and soldered them to my PCB. (The design I use to compare all the *32?103C?T? chips) Back then,…

RISC-V ‘clones’ of the STM32F103 (part 1)

RISC-V is the new hot thing. And so, there are some Chinese MCU manufacturers making RISC-V versions of their 32F103 clones. GigaDevice has their GD32VF103 around since 2019, and WinChipHead introduced their CH32V103 last year. Now, let’s have a look at these chips. These chips are basically, a RISC-V core attached to the 32F103 peripherals….