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Playing with some radio modules (part 3)

So far, I looked at the Si4332 and the S2LP Sub-GHz radio chips. I haven’t got them up and running yet. I have one more type of radio chip on a breakout board at home, a CC1101. I have ordered some HopeRF modules, RFM69 and RFM9x, which are SX123x and SX127x based, according to adafruit….

Playing with some radio modules (part 2)

After I got stuck with the Si4332 radio module, where I seemed to get a packet from one module to another, but the content of the packet was wrong, I concluded I had no way to tell whether the problem was on the sending or the receiving end. How to go on with this? Take…

Playing with some radio modules (part 1)

I’ve been playing with some sub-ghz radio modules. I’ve got some different modules laying around. And this time, I’ve decided to look at some Silicon Labs Si4432 based modules. These modules come from AliExpress are marked XL4332-SMT. I’ve seen a variant on LCSC marked AS4432-SMD. There is another variant RF4432PRO by G-NiceRF. The RFM2x series…