Top: Nezha, Bottom: Mango PiI’ve got some RISC-V SBCs, an AWOL Nezha board, and a Mango Pi MQ Pro. Both are based on the AllWinner D1 SoC. As recently I came across an SD card image builder that generates an Arch Linux image for these type of boards.

This script combines OpenSBI (first stage bootloader), u-boot (second stage bootloader) and kernel patches by Samuel Holland with the Arch Linux RISC-V rootfs by Felix Yan.

However, this script generated SD cards for the Sipeed Lichee RV, yet another board based on the AllWinner D1.  The boards are different enough to cause them not to boot successfully on my boards. The kernel boots, but as soon as systemd starts, it crashed. After initial investigation, supplying a different device tree makes the board boot successfully.I’ve submitted a merge request to support building images for the nezha. The mango pi did not have a device tree in the commit of u-boot the author of the said script had pinned. The mango pi will boot to the login prompt using the nezha device tree. So, at least it boots.

Looking at the repositories where the source comes from, it seems newer commits of both u-boot and the linux kernel have device trees for the Mango Pi in there. I’ve been trying to get them to boot, but upto now I haven’t had any success on them yet. My assumption is that the newer images link at different memory addresses, but I am not sure yet how to get it booting.