Continuing on the PSoC4. I’ve written the previously discussed register-poking-code into some functions for the library. This code talks nicely over the UART, as it did before. So, now the code is in the library for the 4100/4200 family, let’s have a look at the 4100M/4200M family. As far as I can tell, the only..

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About designing PCBs

A few years ago, I decided to make a project: A temperature logger, that logs the temperature of a number of DS18B20 sensors and stores them to an SD card. The project consisted of an ATMEL AVR (ATMEGA328P) microcontroller, an RTC, an SD card holder, and of course some temperature sensors. Back then, I didn’t..

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Some thoughts about embedded development

Some thoughts about embedded development. In specific, about source code licenses. And the reason why I started this PSoC4 support for libopencm3 project. The first reason to start the project is, right now, the only way to develop for the PSoC4 is through PSoC Creator, which only runs on Microsoft Windows. As I don’t use..

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Clocking the PSoC4

After getting a blinky program to work on both the PSoC4200 and the PSoC4200M series (the code is the same), I wanted to continue with some communication. For this purpose I took a look at the Serial Communication Block (SCB) peripheral. An SCB can do either UART, SPI or I²C. After looking at the registers,..

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I’ve been busy

As you see, there is something on this website now. Basically just the theme and the menu, but I’ve been busy. I’ve been reading datasheets and technical reference manuals. SO, guess what I’ve been doing? I’ve been working on implementing PSoC4 support into libopencm3. Why? The PSoC4 is a nice microcontroller (and cheap, the manufacturer..

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Welcome to BlaatSchaap 😉 After many years of doing nothing with this domain (apart from email) I’ve decided to start using this website for some of my embedded projects. Some time next year I’ll be posting stuff on here, for now, happy holidays!