For Embedded Development one can use the Eclipse IDE. There is a set of plugins provided by the GNU MCU Eclipse project. These days this set of Embedded plugins are part of an package offered by the Eclipse Foundation.

If your distro packages eclipse, that would be the recommended way. However, Eclipse is a piece of software that is hardly covered by packagers. ArchLinux used to be the exception, but since the maintainer of that package left, they dropped it. From what I’ve read it’s rather complicated to build Eclipse from source.

ArchLinux and derivatived on x86_64

If you are on ArchLinux, there is a package in AUR. This downloads the release by the Eclipse foundation (discussed below) and packages it. Still a binary release, but at least managed by a package manager. Use yaourt or whatever your favourite AUR helper is.

$ yaourt -S eclipse-arm

64 bit OS (x86_64 for Windows, Linux and macOS, aarch64 for Linux only)

If your distro doesn’t package it, there are official binary releases from the Eclipse Foundation.

How to handle software that is not handled by the package manager? Put it in your home or in /opt?

But yay! You can run it on a Raspberry Pi 4! While doing so… you are even able to use its GPIO to debug 😉

32 bit OS (Windows, Linux, macOS, i686 only)

Unfortunately, there is no 32 bit support, as this version required Java version 11, which appears to be only available for 64 bit platforms. The latest version of Eclipse that works with Java version 8 is, “2020-06”, however there appear to be no 32 bit downloads for that one.

For 32 bit users, I suggest getting the latest version provided, which is 2018-09 and add the plugins manually.

Installing the plugin into an existing Eclipse installation

If you want to add the GNU MCU Eclipse plugins to an existing Eclipse installation:
Either go to the eclipse marketplace (Help -> Eclipse Marketplace… )
Search for “Eclipse Embedded CDT”.
To add the URL of the repo manually (Help -> Install New Software… )

Eclipse 2020-09 and later
Eclipse Neon.3 to 2020-06

See for further details.