A few years ago I discussed WS2812-compatible (ws2812, sk6812, pd9823, …) LEDs https://andre.blaatschaap.be/2017/03/led-there-be-light-part-1/ https://andre.blaatschaap.be/2017/07/led-there-be-light-part-2/ https://andre.blaatschaap.be/2017/07/led-there-be-light-part-3/ https://andre.blaatschaap.be/2017/07/led-there-be-light-part-4/ Back in the days, I’ve discussed a few code snippets, but I’ve never came around on releasing the firmware I’ve wrote back in the days. Now I’ve uploaded the old code from back in those days to https://github.com/BlaatSchaapArchive/LEDcontroller. This..

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